Mindefusement Chapter Summaries

Mindefusement is a novella at about 38,000 words. Below are the chapters and chapter summaries. You will have some spoilers if you read through this list.


Joaquin is a mentally disturbed soul and wants revenge against a woman who ignores him. This is an introduction to Mindefusement and Jake, the sales guy. The chapter walks you through how Mindefusement operates and what a torture template is.

The Package

The Package explains what makes up the package that is sent to the clients. Joaquin walks through what the package is and connects to a Mindefusement representative named Cassandra to go over his torture template.

Julie Biggs

Julie is a lawyer in trouble and is recruited by Mindefusement staff to represent them legally.


Julie shadows Stella's torture template, which is gruesome. Stella wants something terrible to happen to a pregnant woman.


Emily is really into Final Destination and wants her own torture death scene. Julie shadows this call to see if she wants to represent Mindefusement as their legal counsel.


Stuart is Julie's younger brother. He is bipolar and is locked in a dingy mental health center.

The Pre-Screeners

This chapter covers what pre-screeners do in regards to Mindefusement.


This chapter covers the CEO of Mindefusement and why he formed the company.

The Legality

Julie, now employed by Mindefusement, presents ways to make and keep the company legal.

The Barrista

Antoine is a Mindefusement client and has a pet peeve with people mis-spelling or mispronouncing his name. He comes up with a torture template that addresses this.

Reputation Destruction

Jake, a new hire, explains to the CEO and others how reputation destruction could be a viable service for Mindefusement. Julie explains that this is all illegal.


Renee is the CEO's daughter. She has a bit of a stalker situation. She calls Mindefusement for help.


Marc is Renee's stalker. Mindefusement decides to take action against Marc to prevent him from stalking Renee. Marc ends up committing suicide when his reputation is destroyed.

The Fallout

Julie and the CEO find out about Mindefusement's actions against Marc. The people responsible are scolded, but not fired.

Going Viral

One of Mindefusement's videos ends up going viral when a client shares it. Mindefusement reacts to the increased exposure.


Samantha is a Mindefusement client and wants revenge against her boyfriend for using his phone too much.


Veronica is a Mindefusement client and wants revenge against her ex-husband for abandoning her.

The Copycat

Someone sends Mindefusement a gruesome package copying a murder the CEO's son did. Mindefusement reacts and calls in the F.B.I.


Marc's brother Memphis investigates Mindefusement and takes actions against the company to try to destroy it.


Mindefusement's operations are exposed and the F.B.I. raids the headquarters and takes several Mindefusement employees into custody.

The Indictments

Several Mindefusement employees are questioned before a grand jury and several are indicted.


The epilogue explains what happens with several characters in the book and what happened to Mindefusement.